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In Control       

No more wasting time searching through filing cabinets, paper logs, and complex databases. Your essential information is centralized and easily accessible in clear, concise reports. So as deadlines approach and as changes occur, you’ll make informed decisions quickly and never be caught off guard.

By keeping you in control, Details helps you and your team work efficiently, communicate effectively, and achieve project success. Details is also your safety net—providing reliable documentation of project events as back-up for any discrepancy that may arise.

Make Your Project Information Work For You! The who, what, and when of your projects are too important to leave to chance. With Details, your project information is centralized, organized, and always up-to-date. In an instant, you can communicate project statuses with colleagues and clients with presentation-quality reports and customized forms. Key Features >

Get Organized, Quickly

Details provides instant organization for successfully tracking and managing all your project information. Whether it’s storing key contacts and addresses, tracking change orders, logging deadlines and submittals, or hyperlinking to key documents—Details simplifies the complex and ends the paper chase.

With Details QuickStart Templates you’ll be up and running in minutes. Each QuickStart Template delivers a complete set of preformatted fields, reports, and forms—so all you need to do is enter your project details.

Accurate Reporting, Instantly

What’s due? When’s it due? Who’s responsible? And why is there a holdup? The answers to all your status-related questions are organized into up-to-the-minute reports. The built-in Report Generator continually monitors your project data—searching and sorting all records, ensuring that your reports always contain only the information you need.

Unlike traditional databases, Details provides specialized submittal logs for tracking approval processes and project logs for scheduling activities’ start dates, finish dates, and durations. Details even displays key dates and deadlines in colorful timeline graphs. And with full import and export features, it’s easy to exchange information with other databases, spreadsheets, or word processors.

Customizable Forms, Naturally

Why struggle with outdated paper-based systems or complex databases simply to capture and route project information? Details creates compelling forms that streamline and accelerate your business processes. Form functionality can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of each team member, department, or organization.

With Details you don’t have to be a programmer or graphic designer to create presentation-quality forms—just point and click. A suite of easy-to-use layout tools provides the means to transform your current forms into dynamic, intelligent forms complete with colourful graphics and your company logo. With your own custom forms, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can capture, track, and route essential project information.

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