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Make the switch from Microsoft Project®

File, Open. It's that easy to get project data out of Microsoft Project MPP and MPT files. FastTrack Schedule 10 also opens XML and MPX files, and provides easy export to XML and MPX when you need to send project details from FastTrack Schedule 10 to a Microsoft Project user.

Works with MindManager  - Turn brainstorms into action plans

FastTrack Schedule's integration with Mindjet® MindManager®, the premier mind mapping software, provides an ideal concept to completion workflow for planning and executing project initiatives. Simply open a MindManager map in FastTrack Schedule and set your ideas into motion by viewing plans as Gantt charts, monthly calendars, and resource graphs.

Direct export to iCalendar

Export specific tasks or entire projects from FastTrack Schedule 10 to your favorite organizers such as Outlook. When publishing directly to iCalendar, project events can be easily added to any of your current calendars or to a new calendar as .ics files.

The best way to plan and manage your projects

Your Windows project management software for organizing, tracking, and reporting all your project goals. Great for both new and experienced project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 helps you manage projects easily and effectively.

FastTrack Schedule will help you and your team:

Choose from over 30 example files and QuickStart templates or simply click-and-drag to enter and organize tasks, deadlines, and assignments. FastTrack Schedule 10 also creates great looking project schedules from data within spreadsheets, organizers, databases, and other project management programs. And if you need a helping hand learning FastTrack Schedule, you can rely on extensive online help topics, step-by-step tutorials, and weekly e-Training classes.

Consolidate projects into a master schedule

Stay focused on the big picture while you monitor the progress of project teams. Consolidate separate FastTrack Schedule files into a single master file to view multiple projects or a multi-phased project. Easily merge Mac or Windows FastTrack Schedule files to report overall project status or drill-down into distinct project phases. And merged projects retain all key project data including resources and assignments as well as file-specific graphic items including bar styles, legends, pictures, and textboxes.

Maximize your resources

Three separate summary graphs for each resource display percent usage, hourly usage, and the corresponding activity bars to which each resource has been assigned, making it easy to identify under or over allocation and reassign resources to stay within budget and time constraints.

Share & Integrate

FastTrack Schedule 10 works well with your favorite Windows apps. Exchange data with Outlook, Excel, MindManager, databases — even with team members who use Microsoft Project. You can easily integrate FastTrack Schedule into your business process to improve strategic planning and boost team productivity.

Make the break from Excel®

Many first-time project managers start out using spreadsheets to plan projects. Excel is a great tool, but it's not designed for managing projects. FastTrack Schedule 10 has project-focused features that make it easy to plan and track projects including a built-in outliner for organizing and summarizing tasks, Gantt chart timelines that clearly illustrate task dates and durations, linking tools to set dependencies, monthly calendars, and more.

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System Requirements

Cross-Platform Compatible

For mixed-platform environments, FastTrack Schedule 10 provides seamless file compatibility between the Windows and Mac versions.

FastTrack Schedule 10 for Windows

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