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When one reads about a security breach, it is usually a large corporation or a bank or a civil body whose information infrastructure security has been compromised. Hacker don’t target by the size of the organisation. They target anyone if they can see a weakness or a hole in security. So, they don’t mind if there victim is small or large. Small businesses get attacked just the same but they don’t make news.

Sources of attack

However, not all is lost. Securing your systems does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It just has to be thought carefully. High price tag does not mean high security. As small businesses do not always have the expertise, they need a system with little or no maintenance.

Medium businesses face bigger threats primarily because they have bigger landscape where attack can occur.  Budgets however are tight as is the IT staff time.

Large Enterprises face the same big threats in terms of security but they have added headache or bad publicity in case they do get attacked. Then there are regulatory requirements for compliance as in financial industry. These organisations often employ extensive virtualisation which has its own security requirements. Add to that pressures for reducing cost and ensuring data held is secure.